Blocked Widgets

The sidebar on the right showcases the widgets provided by the theme.

 Blocked widgets can be used anywhere, not just in “Sidebars”. You can use the Sidebar Component in the layout editor, and choose which sidebars display where, and in which order. 


Displays a gallery with your advertising images. You can set the title, description & link for each ad using the Gallery Manager.


Retrieves the latest images from a flickr feed, which can be from a user, group or set.

Google Map

Adds a google map to your sidebar. Has options to set the InfoBox Balloon, such as title, link, content, description & tooltip.

Latest Posts

Displays the latest posts with a thumbnail, which you can adjust the size. You can also change the descriptions, categories from which to retrieve posts and many more configuration options.

Quick Shortcode

Quickly embed any shortcode into your sidebar. Makes it easy to reuse content on your site.

PHP Code

This widget is intended for advanced users who would want to run some PHP code where a sidebar is placed. Trust me, this is useful.

The example on the bottom right displays the visitor’s IP address and User agent.